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  • 1-3 hour online session

    After an initial phone call, we will conduct a 1-3 hour online session, using web conferencing. We can review your systems and help you to improve business overall or tackle a particular business issue. For example:

    • A review of the billing process to reduce the time it takes to get cash coming into your business.
    • An overview of how to effectively target your clients and prospects with communications, both day to day and by running specific marketing campaigns to make them fully aware of all your practice can offer.

    This overview service can be complemented by a brief written report with guidelines on the key areas covered in the session. You can, of course, move on to a higher level of Alcam consultancy, if you wish.

  • A day of consultancy

    An initial phone call to understand your base requirements and goals, followed by an onsite day or online sessions, depending on the subject matter and what will work best for you and your team. Examples of what might be covered include:

    • Taking a particular pain-point such as invoicing and then working through the process, deciding on the best plan of action for your practice, documenting this and ensuring everyone who needs to understand this process has the right knowledge.
    • Looking at your compliance workflow and making sure it is as efficient as it can be and the right expectations are set. For example the client knows when the work will be done, as well as how and when to pay. Your employees will understand what is expected of them, leading to improved turnaround, and they will be equipped with the tools to help them manage their time effectively.

    This one-day consultancy service includes a written report on how to achieve the agreed goals, including a detailed how-to guide where appropriate.

  • Bespoke consultancy

    This could typically take anything from two days upwards. Examples would be understanding your strategic goals, helping you put a realistic and achievable roadmap together, and then guiding you through the process of implementing the roadmap.

    As part of the initial stages of this project, we would work together to set the limits for how long this would take, what your milestones are, and when, how and for how long you need support from Alcam. This puts you in control of the consultancy process.

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